Man Cleared of 10 Charges in Oakland Shoot-out - Fronefield Law
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Man Cleared of 10 Charges in Oakland Shoot-out

More than 2,500 visitors from out of town converged upon a local picnic ground in Oakland in celebration of a holiday when gunfire erupted from all directions, killing three people and injuring nineteen in the melee. F.G., our client was accused of firing several weapons into the crowd, including at an off-duty police officer. Over thirty weapons were eventually found strewn around the park. Upon cross-examination, we were able to show that the off-duty police officer shot at our client first,  as he had to explain why he discharged his gun while off-duty. None of the ballistics matched our client’s weapons to any of the victims. F.G. was charged with three counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault. He was found guilty of illegal possession of a weapon and acquitted on all other charges.   -Bergen Record Newspaper