Tarin LoCascio, Author at Fronefield Law
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Author: Tarin LoCascio

He jammed the barrel of his pistol in her mouth and threatened to kill her, but upon cross-examination, she admitted that she couldn’t identify him.  She testified that she was robbed at gunpoint and forced to drive around Newark in her car for twenty minutes...Read More

A night of loud reggae music, dancing, and drinking at a city nightclub ended when our client allegedly shot a young man to death next to a jukebox. The club was packed with patrons, many of whom had pistols, so there was no shortage of...Read More

A New York client walked into a Fairview music store one afternoon, shot the owner in the back of the head, and allegedly left fingerprints on a glass shard allegedly broken off from the window of an old cash register. The glass shard itself was...Read More

Four teenagers were charged with murder in the death of a 30-year-old man in Hoboken. This young man allegedly skilled in martial arts was taunted by the teens and became engaged in a fight.  Our client, W.A. was the oldest and biggest of the group....Read More

A client from Passaic was accused of killing his girlfriend and upon arrest, he gave a statement to the police. We successfully got his statement excluded from evidence, as he himself was wounded and medicated when given his Miranda rights. He told the police that...Read More

More than 2,500 visitors from out of town converged upon a local picnic ground in Oakland in celebration of a holiday when gunfire erupted from all directions, killing three people and injuring nineteen in the melee. F.G., our client was accused of firing several weapons...Read More